In the fall of 2012, several founding members of the NUBS organization participated in a major bird rescue of about 500 birds (mostly parakeets) from the home of a hoarder.  Kristin Ludwig, founder, was responsible for the ultimate re-homing of many of the birds, and personally adopted Nubs, a severely inbred, handicapped parakeet with a remarkably friendly personality.  Kristin created a Facebook page for Nubs, and subsequently, his story made national news, appearing frequently in newspapers, TV, and radio.  Kristin founded the NUBS organization in the belief that other people would be encouraged and inspired by Nubs’ story.  Though he was terminally ill, Nubs lived 3 years past his life expectancy, and died peacefully at home on April 18, 2016.

Today, the organization Nubs inspired continues to grow.  NUBS received 501(c)(4) status from the IRS in early 2014, as a Social Welfare Organization, and was granted 501(c)(3) status in November 2014.  NUBS has a large, loyal social media fan base, and recently launched Season 1 of the House of Nubs Show on YouTube.

NUBS is committed to teaching children that they are unique, special, and strong enough to overcome difficult times in their lives, no matter what they have been through, or might endure in the future.   NUBS has developed a resiliency building curriculum, known as Wings Up™, which includes two children’s books, “Nubs:  A Little Bird with a Big Story” and “Remy:  A Little Bird with a Big Imagination”, with accompanying resiliency building workbook activities (accompanying instructional videos are under development).  These full-color photography books are true stories, written in a manner that is age appropriate for children (with a curriculum focus on children grades 1-4).  To date, NUBS has distributed thousands of books around the world to individuals, libraries, schools, and child therapists, and have been well-received by parents, educators, therapists, and child care professionals alike. Locally, NUBS utilizes a group of over a dozen trained volunteers and therapy birds, known as the NUBS Squad, to meet with children in the Chicagoland area, and to draw parallels to the lives and circumstances of the children with whom they meet.  The Wings Up program receives consistently strong feedback and testimonials from mental health professionals and parents alike.    


"Our children in NYC come from all walks of life, with daily struggles and challenges unique to them. Books like "Nubs: A Little Bird with a Big Story" and "Remy: A Little Bird with a Big Imagination" show children that they too can overcome obstacles, create dreams for themselves and fulfill those dreams. These little birds are so full of spirit, beauty, and inner strength, it's impossible not to fall in love with them. From the candid photos and deep meaning behind their stories, these books are ones to treasure for the young and old alike. Most importantly, children learn so much from the birds' personal stories of endurance and resilience that led them to find unconditional love and happiness in a sometimes unfair world." - Michelle Glorioso, NYC Public School Teacher

"The House of Nubs does an outstanding job of reaching out to young children. Their books provide lovable characters relatable to the students thus making the reading meaningful and the comprehension deeper. My younger students want me to read the books to them over and over older students can't wait for their turn! Such a blessing in our small, rural community after the devetation of the May 19, 2013 tornadoes that swept across our town. Thank you so much!!" - Tresa Wilson, Kindergarten Teacher, Carney Public Schools, Oklahoma

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Kristin Ludwig, a life-long animal advocate, has been rehabilitating and training animals for therapy work with children since 2009. Kristin started the House of Nubs to care for and rehabilitate abused animals. She added the resiliency program in 2012 after saving a one-legged parakeet named Nubs from an animal hoarder.  When sharing Nubs’ rescue story with children at a local group foster home, to Ludwig’s surprise, the foster children began to use the bird’s story as a way to process their own traumatic experiences. Kristin created a Facebook page for Nubs, and self-published a book documenting his courageous journey.  Subsequently his story made national news, appearing frequently in newspapers, TV, and radio.  Today, the House of Nubs has over 10,000 loyal fans around the world.

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The House of NUBS ( is a 501c3 non-profit organization, with the mission of promoting resiliency in children through the inspirational stories of rescued animals who have bravely given life a second chance.  The NUBS organization produces educational resiliency-building books and tools, which have been distributed throughout the world.  NUBS also hosts live events and visits libraries, schools, and group foster homes.  Fans follow the daily journey of the animals in the “House of Nubs” through the popular Nubs Facebook Page, the House of Nubs Web Series on YouTube, and at