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WHOO!!!  It's not always easy to stay calm and hold in your feelings!  Just ask Kevin, the silliest - and the loudest - member of the House of Nubs.  Sometimes Kevin has a hard time fitting in and making friends, but he is learning every day how to keep believing in himself!


At the ripe old age of 45, Sprout has lived in a lot of places, and has had a lot of experiences - some good and some not-so-good.  Sprout enjoys thinking about the world around him and sharing what he has "figured out".  He might not always get the story straight, but he sure does try!  For those who just can't get enough of Sprout, you can follow him on Instagram @rebelwithashell.


Rescued from an abandoned home, Jack has had to overcome a lot of fears to become the happier bird he is today!  Even though he knows not every day will be easy, he believes that the world is still a good place, and even started his own business (Muck by Jack), which involves shredding up paper and throwing it on the floor.  Trust him, this is gonna be big business someday...


There is a Moose on the loose!  The newest resident of the House, Moose  was born with extra toes, and no home to call his own.  But he doesn't let any of that stop him from becoming the bird he was meant to be, because Moose knows he can handle anything that comes his way!  "Super fans" of Moose can follow his many adventures on Instagram @mooseontheloose_hon.


Miles was born with a very serious disease that means he has to go to the doctor a lot and take special medicine, but he still has a smile for everyone he meets!  His motto is, "there are no strangers, just friends I haven't met yet.  Miles is the star of the book, "Miles: A Little Dog with an Eye for Friendship".


What are Gordon, Sherwin, Susan, and Glen up to today? Who knows!  Whether going on a summer camping trip, visiting a spooky graveyard on Halloween, or hanging out at a disco club, every time we take a peak into their world, they are always up to something we wouldn't have expected...



The small and furry best friend of Sprout, "Sebastian the Wonder Bunny" tends to jump into things without thinking twice!  But Sprout is always there to give him good advice to slow down his thoughts a little, and make good choices for himself.

HOUSE OF NUBS: Current residents


The House of Nubs is a special place where rescued creatures come to "bounce back" and give life - and people - another chance!  Everyone living in the House of Nubs came from somewhere in which life was hard, and they have all had challenges to overcome, but love, silliness, and time can go a long way!  We welcome you to share in our day to day lives by visiting us on Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube to follow their lives and journey!  

The House of Nubs is also available to Skype or live stream into your classroom.  Contact us for details!


Thank you to our all-volunteer Board of Directors, Psycho-Educational Advisors, Artists, Writers, Animal Trainers, and more for all the work you do!

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