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Do you need an expert in math, science, or Anything Expert-y?  Than meet Dr. Peachy Keen, Bird of Science!  And don't worry if you don't have beautiful flame belly-feathers of your own, Peachy said you are Always Welcome to admire his.  Like right now.


Rescued from an abandoned home where he was part of an "estate sale", Jack overcame lots of fears to become the friendly bird he is today!  An active member of the NUBS Squad, Jack also has his own business (Muck by Jack), which involves shredding up paper and throwing it on the floor.  Trust him, this is gonna be all the rage someday...


Remy was just a little under 1 year old when his owners allowed their pet rat into the same cage with him. Brought to the vet barely alive, Remy lost his toes, but not his spirit! Remy is the star of the book, "Remy: a Little Bird with a Big Imagination", and is now one of the most social birds on the Squad (except when he is busy protecting Hoot, in which case there is Nothing To See Here.  In fact, you can move along now...



The NUBS Squad is our team of outreach volunteers in the Chicagoland area. Our visits utilize the Wings Up™ Resiliency Building Curriculum. In addition to our animal handlers, we use a number of volunteers to ensure the safety of both the animals and people during our visits. Under our safety guidelines, certain animals may be handled or petted, while others may demonstrate various behaviors or "tricks". Our team is experienced in working with children of all ages and backgrounds, ensuring an educational, inspirational, and safe visit.  In addition to several members of the House of Nubs, including Remy, Baby Kevin, Peachy and Jack, other birds also make live appearances with us, and in the winter when our tropical birds are resting, our visits are supplemented with rescued owls!  If you are interested in scheduling a NUBS Squad visit for your library or school, please contact us!




Join us on You Tube, Facebook, and Instagram to follow the lives of all the creatures who reside in the House of Nubs -- a special place where our birds and animals get a second chance at a new life.  Many of our birds and animals are active and retired therapy animals, specializing in working with children.  

The House of NUBS is also available to Skype into your classroom.  Contact us for details!


Thank you to our Board of Directors, Educational Advisory Committee, Staff, and our other volunteers for all the work you do!

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WHOO!!!  It's all about FUN for Baby Kevin, an Indian Ringneck Parakeet who is easily the silliest bird in the House of Nubs.


Pigeon was rescued by the House of Nubs from a petting zoo, at which he was badly mistreated.  While still very timid with humans, he became the best friend of Miles, and will co-star with him in the upcoming tale of their friendship, "Miles: A Little Dog with an Eye for Friendship".


Tinkerbell, a retired therapy dog, and Petey (aka "White Lightning"), her loyal rescued side kick, are the oldest creatures in the House of Nubs, at 9 and 8 years old.  That being said, Tinkerbell wants everyone to know that you are never too old to wear a tutu.


The small, blue best friend of Remy, Hoot was rescued from an owner who had never handled him or given him attention.  Although timid, Hoot is very curious about the world around him, and is seen on the House of Nubs You Tube Channel as one of the stars of the "Cave of Wonders" series, in which he uses his imagination to explore!


Meet the bird who started it all!  Nubs was rescued in the fall of 2012, with hundreds of other parakeets, from the home of a hoarder.  Nubs was handicapped, and thought to be "wild", like the other birds, but he didn't let that stop him from becoming best friends with "his human", the Lady with the Ponytail (Kristin Ludwig), and becoming a social media celebrity bird! 


The newest resident in the House of Nubs, Daisy was rescued from a situation of abuse and neglect.  Like Nubs, Daisy only has one foot, but she is very sweet and friendly, and will be joining the NUBS Squad in 2016. 


Born with a rare, incurable GI disease, Miles always has a smile for everyone.  His motto is, "there are no strangers, just friends I haven't met yet.  Miles is the star of the upcoming book, "Miles: A Little Dog with an Eye for Friendship".